History of Sand Springs Springwater

Sand Springs is a natural thermal spring which rises from 4,500 feet below. The water rises through white purifying sand that is enclosed by walls of clay that divert any surface water away. The spring is 72 degrees year round and has never been known to freeze.

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Greylock Hall Sand springs.jpg

Greylock Hall

Greylock Hall was built in 1870 by Dr. Charles Bailey of Pittsfield, MA. It had accommodations for 250 guests.
Greylock Hall burned to the ground in 1886.

Sandsprings Water Photo 1.jpg

Early 1870s view of Springs

The spring before a building was built around it in 1989.  The house in the background was built in 1874 and still stands today.

Sandsprings Water 1800 plant.jpg

First bottling plant employees

1890's early bottling plant and employees.